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Lanzarote Village Hotel, Sustainable Hotel. We respect the environment.

Hibiscus Hotels have a well-earnt reputation in the Lanzarote hotel market for being one of the most committed chains to sustainable development. It is always open to the latest developments and innovations and has installed energy efficient and renewable energy systems in order to cut down on fossil fuel consumption and help reduce CO2 emissions.

Over the last few years, every one of its hotels, including Lanzarote Village Hotel, have been totally refurbished. Before starting the refurbishment a huge investment was made in order to provide each hotel with its own solar energy source and so cut down on the use of the gas boilers and prevent high levels of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere.

At the same time, another considerable investment was made in order to save on energy in the shape of the installation of a modern geothermal system which is mainly used for the air conditioning system and the heating of the pools.

In addition we should point out the meticulous care for our gardens and communal areas where the islands’ typical plants such as indigenous succulents, aloe vera and cactus grow. These are plants that require very little water, which is in scarce natural supply on Lanzarote as there are no rivers.

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