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Diving/Snorkelling in Puerto del Carmen

The seabed of Puerto del Carmen is one of the most spectacular and richest in biodiversity on Lanzarote.

Diving schools organize dives along the coasts of the island and Puerto del Carmen is the perfect beginning for diving. If you like the experience, be sure to dive into the warm waters and seabed to discover its uniqueness.

The “Guía de Inmersiones de Lanzarote” includes 11 zones diving off the coast of Puerto del Carmen, 26 27 all declared Special Areas of Conservation by the European Union:

Waikiki: The play of light created by the sun with rocks and white sand will accompany you while you practice snorkelling in shallow waters. You can discover orange corals (-18 meters), coral forests (-28 meters) and small and elusive fish, known locally as “fulas”

Richie’s Place: Jagged rocks, big crashes and beautiful lytic formations.

La Pared: A tapestry of colourful sponges identifies the area, it’s also the habitat of large groupers and Peltodoris atromaculata, locally called Swiss cows”.

La Catedral: Amazing sea life viewing for divers. Accessed from the pier of Playa Chica.

El muellito y la playa: Perfect feel for the experience of a first dive. Night dive is recommended and snorkelling to see the varied fauna (from anemones to ornate wrasse).

El Veril de Playa Chica: Star site! A labyrinth of caves and volcanic tubes where you can see, if you’re lucky some quiet whales.

La Cueva de las Gambas: A corner filled with shrimp and decorated by precious purple flabelinas (sea slugs).

Agujero azul: From the sand, a tunnel connects to a wall that descends to 40 meters deep. The diver can find seahorses and eels.

Pecios de Puerto del Carmen: Six wrecks that are home to octopus and night fish which feed on molluscs.

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